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As of March 2023, there are more than 600+ papers that researchers/professors/engineers utilize and cite the Kintecus software:

  1. Predicting the environmental fates of emerging contaminants: Synergistic effects in ozone reactions of nitrogen-containing alkenes
Xinke Wang, Weihong Wang, Lisa M. Wingen, Véronique Perraud, Michael J. Ezell, Jessica Gable, Thomas L. Poulos, Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
3 Mar 2023
Vol 9, Issue 9
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.ade9609


  2. Kinetic and mechanistic study of the effect of Cu(II) on monochloramine stability in bromide-containing waters
Wei Hu, Sébastien Allard
Chemical Engineering Journal
Volume 459, 1 March 2023, 141595

Ferryl Ion in the Photo-Fenton Process at Acidic pH: Occurrence, Fate, and Implications
Guowei Deng, Zhen Wang, Jinxing Ma, Jin Jiang, Di He, Xianhui Li, Aleksandra Szczuka, and Zhong Zhang
Environ. Sci. Technol. 2023
March 13, 2023 

  4. Oxidation of Pharmaceuticals by Ferrate(VI)–Amino Acid Systems: Enhancement by Proline

Virender K. Sharma*, Junyue Wang, Mingbao Feng, and Ching-Hua Huang

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A  2023, 127, 10, 2314-2321 (A: Structure, Spectroscopy, and Reactivity of Molecules and Clusters)

March 2, 2023

DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.3c00134


  5. Simultaneous removal of chlorite and coexisting emerging organic contaminants by sulfite: Kinetics and mechanisms

Yangchun Yuan, Binbin Shao, Hongyu Dong, Xiaohong Guan

Chemical Engineering Journal

Volume 463, 1 May 2023, 142429

   6. Synergy of UV light and heat in peptide degradation
Nikolaos Vagkidis, Lijuan Li, Jennifer Marsh, Victor Chechik
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry
11 February 2023, 114627

Evolution of reactive species and their contribution to the removal of ketamine and amine-containing pharmaceuticals during the sunlight/chlorine process.\
Yu-Hsiang Wang, Yi-Hsueh Chuang, Angela Yu-Chen Lin
Water Research, 14 February 2023, 119738

Degradation of antiviral drug acyclovir by thermal activated persulfate process: Kinetics study and modeling

Chunsheng Ding, Zhiyue Cai, Chenkai Hu, Jia Lei, Lei Wang, Qingsong Li, Xueyan Li, Jing Deng;
Chemosphere, Available online 24 February 2023, 138247

  9. Insights into characterization of organophosphorus flame retardants transformation under thermal activation persulphate.
Jia Liu, Liang Tang, Yaqing Liu, Dan Zhang, Xinshu Jiang
Process Safety and Environmental Protection
Online 15 February 2023

 10. Ozone- and Hydroxyl Radical-Mediated Oxidation of Pharmaceutical Compounds Using Ni-Doped Sb–SnO2 Anodes: Degradation Kinetics and Transformation Products
Yi Zhang*, Lei Guo, and Michael R. Hoffmann
ACS ES&T Engineering\
Publication Date (Web):January 26, 2023
DOI: 10.1021/acsestengg.2c00337 

 11. Heterogenous Iron Oxide Assemblages for Use in Catalytic Ozonation: Reactivity, Kinetics, and Reaction Mechanism

Xiangtong Kong, Shikha Garg, Mahshid Mortazavi, Jinxing Ma, and T. David Waite*

Environmental Science & Technology, Articles ASAP (Treatment and Resource Recovery)

Publication Date (Web):January 17, 2023

DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c07319

 12. Carboxylic acid catalysis on the imine formation versus azaMichael reaction in apolar aprotic solvent

Virginia C.Rufino, Josefredo R.Pliego Jr

Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry

Available online 5 December 2022


 13. Kinetic Modeling of the Anodic Degradation of Ni-EDTA Complexes: Insights into the Reaction Mechanism and Products

Yuyang Sun, Shikha Garg, Changyong Zhang, Boyue Lian, and T. David Waite*

ACS ES&T Engineering, Articles ASAP (Article)

Publication Date (Web):January 12, 2023

DOI: 10.1021/acsestengg.2c00356

  14. Influence of water matrix components on the UV/chlorine process and its reactions mechanism

Inmaculada Velo-Gala, María J.Farré, Jelena Radjenovic, Wolfgang Gernjak

Environmental Research

Volume 218, 1 February 2023, 114945


  15. Evaluating UV254 absorbance reductions in landfill leachate for municipal sewage co-treatment through timed UV/electrooxidation

Yugo Sato,Yingying Xiang, Patrick Cooper,Gabriela Scheibel Cassol, Yu Luoa, Qian Zeng,Chii Shang,

Zhiyong Jason Ren,Guanghao Chen

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Volume 445, 5 March 2023, 130624

  16. Insights into the impacts of chloride ions on the oxidation of 2,4-dinitrotoluene using ferrous activated persulfate: Removal efficiency, reaction mechanism, transformation pathway, and toxicity assessment

Xiaodong Li, Jialun Shen, Zongquan Sun, Wenwen Zhang, Fujun Ma, Qingbao Gu,

Chemosphere, Volume 317, 2023, 137887, ISSN 0045-6535,

  17. Organics abatement and recovery from wastewater by a polymerization-based electrochemically assisted persulfate process: Promotion effect of chloride ion and its mechanism

Sui-Qin Yang, Zheng-Qian Liu, Yu-Hong Cui, Ming-Kui Wang

Journal of Hazardous Materials

Volume 446, 15 March 2023, 130658

  18. Comparison of ribavirin degradation in the UV/H2O2 and UV/PDS systems: Reaction mechanism, operational parameter and toxicity evaluation

Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

Jinchan Jiang,Zexiu An, Mingxue Li, Yanru Huo, Yuxin Zhou, Ju Xie,Maoxia He

Volume 11, Issue 1, February 2023, 109193

  19. Hydrogeochemical and isotopic signatures elucidate deep subsurface hypersaline brine formation through radiolysis driven water-rock interaction

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta

D.M.Nissona, T.L.Kieft, H.Drakec, O.Warrde, B.Sherwood Lollard, H.Ogasawara, S.M.Perl, B.M.Friefeld, J.Castillo, M.J.Whitehouse, E.Kooijman, T.C.Onstotta

Volume 340, 1 January 2023, Pages 65-84

  20. Overlooked roles of Cl2O and Cl2 in micropollutant abatement and DBP formation by chlorination

Xin Yanga,Anna Wang,Zhechao Hua, Wenrui Wei, Yilong Cao, Bingyue Fu, Shuping Chen,

Zijun Dong, Jingyun Fang

Water Research

Volume 229, 1 February 2023, 119449

  21. Online calculation of O2 clumped-isotope variations in an atmospheric chemistry model reveals an important contribution from ozone isotopologue chemistry

 Laurence Y Yeung, Lee Thomas Murray, Asmita Banerjee,  Xin Tie, Yuzhen

Yan, Elliot L. Atlas, Sue M. Schauer, and Kristie A. Boering. Authorea.
 July 07, 2021.

DOI: 10.1002/essoar.10506248.2

  22. Quantification of the Influence of Citrate/Fe(II) Molar

Ratio on Hydroxyl Radical Production and Pollutant Degradation during Fe(II)-Catalyzed

O2 and H2O2 Oxidation Processes.

Hu, B.; Zhang, P.; Liu, H.; Yuan, S.

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 19, 12977, 2022,

  23. Understanding Supramolecular Assembly of Supercharged Proteins

Michael I. Jacobs, Prateek Bansal, Diwakar Shukla, and Charles M. Schroeder

ACS Central Science 2022 8 (9), 1350-1361

DOI: 10.1021/acscentsci.2c00730

  24. Factors hindering the degradation of pharmaceuticals from human urine in an iron-activated persulfate system

Yiruiwen Xie, Dao Guan, Yangfan Deng, Yugo Sato,Yu Luo,Guanghao Chen

Journal of Environmental Sciences

Available online 25 December 2022

  25. Dominant Dissolved Oxygen-Independent Pathway to Form Hydroxyl Radicals and the Generation of Reactive Chlorine and Nitrogen Species in Breakpoint Chlorination

Senhao Lu, Chii Shang, Bo Sun, and Yingying Xiang*

Environmental Science & Technology  2023, 57, 1, 150-159 (Contaminants in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments)

December 13, 2022

DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c05540

An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of HCN Production in the Hadean Earth Atmosphere
Ben K. D. Pearce*, Chao He, and Sarah M. Hörst
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry  2022, 6, 10, 2385-2399 (Article)
September 23, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.2c00138

  27. Low-Pressure and Nascent Yields of Thermalized Criegee Intermediate in Ozonolysis of Ethene
Lei Yang, Mixtli Campos-Pineda, and Jingsong Zhang*
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Articles ASAP (Physical Insights into the Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Space)
December 5, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.2c02940

  28.  Kinetics Study of Acid-Catalyzed Sulfate Esterification Reactions for Atmospherically Relevant Polyols
Aziz C. L. Mohammed, Sunniva B. Sheffield, and Matthew J. Elrod*
ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, Articles ASAP (Article)
November 30, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acsearthspacechem.2c00306

  29. Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrate with Simultaneous Ammonia Recovery Using a Flow Cathode Reactor
Jingyi Sun, Shikha Garg, Jiangzhou Xie, Changyong Zhang, and T. David Waite*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 23, 17298-17309 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
November 17, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c06033

  30.   Kinetic analysis of the acetone-butanol-ethanol combustion mechanism in 0D simulated Otto cycle internal engine
Gladson de Souza Machado & Glauco Favilla Bauerfeldt
Reaction Kinetics, Mechanisms and Catalysis volume 135, pages303–316 (2022)

  31.  Kinetic and mechanistic understanding of chlorite oxidation during chlorination: Optimization of ClO2 pre-oxidation for disinfection byproduct control,
Valentin Rougé, Yunho Lee, Urs von Gunten, Sébastien Allard,
Water Research,
Volume 220, 2022, 118515, ISSN 0043-1354,

  32. Kinetic modelling of the bromine-ammonia system: Formation and decomposition of bromamines,
Water Research,
Anette T. Mensah, Florence Berne, Sébastien Allard, Sylvie Soreau, Hervé Gallard,
Volume 224, 2022, 119058, ISSN 0043-1354,

  33. Effects of riboflavin and desferrioxamine B on Fe(II) oxidation by O2,
Peng Zhang, Philippe Van Cappellen, Kunfu Pi, Songhu Yuan,
Fundamental Research,
Volume 2, Issue 2, 2022, Pages 208-217, ISSN 2667-3258,

  34. Copper-Catalyzed Aromatic Fluorination of 2-(2-bromophenyl)pyridine via Cu(I)/Cu(III) Mechanism in Acetonitrile Solvent: Cluster-Continuum Free Energy Profile and Microkinetic Analysis,
Josefredo R. Pliego,
Molecular Catalysis,
Volume 529, 2022, 112560, ISSN 2468-8231,

  35. Occurrence of Iodophenols in Aquatic Environments and the Deiodination of Organic Iodine with Ferrate(VI)
Xian-Shi Wang, Yu-Lei Liu, Mu Li, Heng Song, Xiao Huang, Zhi Gao, Jing Zhang, Chong-Wei Cui, Bai-Cang Liu, Jun Ma, and Lu Wang*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 22, 16104-16114 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
November 2, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c00857

  36. Yields of HONO2 and HOONO Products from the Reaction of HO2 and NO Using Pulsed Laser Photolysis and Mid-Infrared Cavity-Ringdown Spectroscopy
Laura A. Mertens, Frank A. F. Winiberg*, Hannah M. Allen, Stanley P. Sander, and Mitchio Okumura*
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A  2022, 126, 40, 7342-7360 (A: Aerosols; Environmental and Atmospheric Chemistry; Astrochemistry)
October 5, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.2c04643

  37. Mechanistic Insights into the Markedly Decreased Oxidation Capacity of the Fe(II)/S2O82– Process with Increasing pH
Dandan Rao, Hongyu Dong, Mengfan Niu, Xiaohan Wang, Junlian Qiao, Yuankui Sun*, and Xiaohong Guan*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 18, 13131-13141 (Contaminants in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments)
September 6, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c04109

  38. Effect of C/Fe Molar Ratio on H2O2 and •OH Production during Oxygenation of Fe(II)-Humic Acid Coexisting Systems
Yanting Zhang, Na Zhang, Ao Qian, Chenglong Yu, Peng Zhang, and Songhu Yuan*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 18, 13408-13418 (Biogeochemical Cycling)
September 5, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c01312

  39.  Reactive Nitrogen Species Mediated Inactivation of Pathogenic Microorganisms during UVA Photolysis of Nitrite at Surface Water Levels
Yongyi Wang, Ran Yin*, Zhuoyun Tang, Weiqi Liu, Chun He*, and Dehua Xia*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 17, 12542-12552 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
August 17, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c01136

  40.  Significant Contribution of Solid Organic Matter for Hydroxyl Radical Production during Oxygenation
Chenglong Yu, Yuxi Lu, Yanting Zhang, Ao Qian, Peng Zhang*, Man Tong, and Songhu Yuan*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 16, 11878-11887 (Biogeochemical Cycling)
August 7, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c02766

  41.  Experimental study of the removal of excited state phosphorus atoms by H2O and H2 : implications for the formation of PO in stellar winds
Kevin M. Douglas, David Gobrecht and John M.C. Plane,
MNRAS 515, 99–109 (2022)

  42.  Gas Phase and Gas–Solid Interface Ozonolysis of Nitrogen Containing Alkenes: Nitroalkenes, Enamines, and Nitroenamines
Weihong Wang, Xinke Wang, Pascale S. J. Lakey, Michael J. Ezell, Manabu Shiraiwa, and Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts*
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A  2022, 126, 32, 5398-5406 (A: Aerosols; Environmental and Atmospheric Chemistry; Astrochemistry)ACS AuthorChoice
August 4, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpca.2c04400

  43.  Reactivity of Reactive Nitrogen Species and Degradation Kinetics of Micropollutants in the UV/Monochloramine Process
Pin Wang, Lingjun Bu*, Yangtao Wu, Xiaodi Duan, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, and Shiqing Zhou
ACS ES&T Water,  2022, 2, 8, 1422-1430 (Article)
July 27, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acsestwater.2c00173

  44.  Peracetic Acid Enhances Micropollutant Degradation by Ferrate(VI) through Promotion of Electron Transfer Efficiency
Junyue Wang, Juhee Kim, Daniel C. Ashley, Virender K. Sharma*, and Ching-Hua Huang*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 16, 11683-11693 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
July 26, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c02381

  45.  Exploring Pathways and Mechanisms for Dichloroacetonitrile Formation from Typical Amino Compounds during UV/Chlorine Treatment
Zhechao Hua, Junfang Li, Zhihong Zhou, Shanshan Zheng, Yifei Zhang, and Jingyun Fang*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 13, 9712-9721 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
June 15, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c01495

  46.  Comparative Experimental and Computational Studies of Hydroxyl and Sulfate Radical-Mediated Degradation of Simple and Complex Organic Substrates
Yufan Chen, Huong Chi Vu, Christopher J. Miller, Shikha Garg, Dai Pan, and T. David Waite*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 12, 8819-8832 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
May 13, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c00686

  47.  Differentiation of Pathways of Nitrated Byproduct Formation from Ammonium and Nitrite During Sulfate Radical Oxidation
Peizeng Yang, Gregory V. Korshin, Jiayue Dong, Yuefei Ji, and Junhe Lu*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 12, 7935-7944 (Contaminants in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments)
May 12, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c00702

  48.  Caveats in the Use of Tertiary Butyl Alcohol as a Probe for Hydroxyl Radical Involvement in Conventional Ozonation and Catalytic Ozonation Processes
Shikha Garg, Yuting Yuan, Mahshid Mortazavi, and T. David Waite*
ACS ES&T Engineering  2022, 2, 9, 1665-1676 (Article)
May 5, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acsestengg.2c00059

  49.  Light- and H2O2-Mediated Redox Transformation of Thallium in Acidic Solutions Containing Iron: Kinetics and Mechanistic Insights
Chengxue Ma, Ruixing Huang, Xiaoliu Huangfu*, Jun Ma, and Qiang He
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 9, 5530-5541 (Contaminants in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments)
April 18, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c00034

  50.  Bromine Radical (Br• and Br2•–) Reactivity with Dissolved Organic Matter and Brominated Organic Byproduct Formation
Yu Lei, Xin Lei, Paul Westerhoff, Xingyu Tong, Jianing Ren, Yangjian Zhou, Shuangshuang Cheng, Gangfeng Ouyang, and Xin Yang*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 8, 5189-5199 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
March 29, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.2c00549

  51.  Observational Insights into Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation through the Epoxide Pathway at Three Urban Sites from Northern to Southern China
Yu-Qing Zhang, Xiang Ding*, Quan-Fu He, Tian-Xue Wen, Jun-Qi Wang, Kong Yang, Hao Jiang, Qian Cheng, Ping Liu, Zi-Rui Wang, Yun-Feng He, Wei-Wei Hu, Qiao-Yun Wang, Jin-Yuan Xin, Yue-Si Wang, and Xin-Ming Wang
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 8, 4795-4805 (Anthropogenic Impacts on the Atmosphere)
March 2, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c06974

  52.  Overlooked Formation of H2O2 during the Hydroxyl Radical-Scavenging Process When Using Alcohols as Scavengers
Lei Wang, Boqiang Li, Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Baiyang Chen*, Jie Yang, and Juan Li
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 6, 3386-3396 (Contaminants in Aquatic and Terrestrial Environments)
March 1, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c03796

  53.  Reaction of methane and UV-activated perchlorate: Relevance to
heterogeneous loss of methane in the atmosphere of Mars
Xu Zhang, David Berkinsky, Charles R. Markus, Sathya R. Chitturi, Fred J. Grieman,
Mitchio Okumura, Yangcheng Luo, Yuk L. Yung, Stanley P. Sander
Icarus 376 (2022) 114832

  54.  UV/Chlorine Process: An Efficient Advanced Oxidation Process with Multiple Radicals and Functions in Water Treatment
Kaiheng Guo, Zihao Wu, Chunyan Chen, and Jingyun Fang*
Accounts of Chemical Research  2022, 55, 3, 286-297 (Article)
January 13, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.accounts.1c00269

  55.  Photolysis of Chlorine Dioxide under UVA Irradiation: Radical Formation, Application in Treating Micropollutants, Formation of Disinfection Byproducts, and Toxicity under Scenarios Relevant to Potable Reuse and Drinking Water
Yi-Hsueh Chuang*, Kai-Lin Wu, Wei-Chun Lin, and Hong-Jia Shi
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 4, 2593-2604 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
January 13, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c05707

  56.  Comparison of Performance of Conventional Ozonation and Heterogeneous Catalytic Ozonation Processes in Phosphate- and Bicarbonate-Buffered Solutions
Yuting Yuan, Mahshid Mortazavi, Shikha Garg, Jinxing Ma, and T. David Waite*
ACS ES&T Engineering  2022, 2, 2, 210-221 (Article)
January 5, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acsestengg.1c00350

  57.  A Novel UVA/ClO2 Advanced Oxidation Process for the Degradation of Micropollutants in Water
Jiadong Peng, Ran Yin*, Xin Yang, and Chii Shang*
Environmental Science & Technology  2022, 56, 2, 1257-1266 (Treatment and Resource Recovery)
January 3, 2022
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.1c05133

  58.  Formation of chlorate and perchlorate during electrochemical oxidation by Magnéli phase Ti4O7 anode: inhibitory effects of coexisting constituents.,
Wang, Lu;Wang, Yaye;Sui, Yufei; Lu, Junhe; Hu, Baowei; Huang, Qingguo
 Sci Rep 12, 15880 (2022)

  59.  Modeling electron beam irradiation of methane
Weiyao Gu, Theodore S. Dibble
International Journal of Chemical Kinetics
Volume 54, Issue 4, 05 January 2022

  60.  Evidence for the involvement of Fe(IV) in water treatment by Fe(III)-activated sulfite
Luna Luo, Zhen Wang, Qin Guo, Xipeng Wei, Jianpeng Hu, Yu Luo & Jin Jiang
Environmental Chemistry Letters volume 20, pages91–99 (2022)

  61.  Kinetic and mechanistic insights into the degradation of clofibric acid in saline wastewater by Co2+/PMS process: a modeling and theoretical study,
Jiale Wang, Siyi Fan, Zhirui Xu, Jiaqi Gao, Ying Huang, * Xubiao Yu* and Huihui Gan
RSC Adv., 2022, 12, 16174

  62.  Emerging investigator series: contributions of reactive nitrogen species to transformations of organic compounds in water: a critical review
Rachel C. Scholes
Issue 6, 2022
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts
Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, 2022,24, 851-869

  63.  BOOK: Photolysis and Advanced Reaction Processes for Control of Trace Contaminants
Chapter 10
Book Author(s):Ernest R. Blatchley III
13 October 2022,

  64.  Formation of chlorate and perchlorate during electrochemical oxidation by Magnéli phase Ti4O7 anode: inhibitory effects of coexisting constituents
Lu Wang, Yaye Wang, Yufei Sui, Junhe Lu, Baowei Hu & Qingguo Huang
Scientific Reports volume 12, Article number: 15880 (2022)

  65.  Features of Propylene Oxidation by Carbon Dioxide in Dielectric Barrier Discharge
A. Yu. Ryabov, S. V. Kudryashov & A. N. Ochered’ko
Published: 25 May 2022
High Energy Chemistry volume 56, pages217–222 (2022)

  66.  Hydroxyl radicals in anodic oxidation systems: generation, identification and quantification,
Jiangzhou Xie, Changyong Zhang, T. David Waite,
Water Research,
Volume 217, 2022, 118425, ISSN 0043-1354,

  67.  Degradation pathways and kinetics of chloroacetonitriles by UV/persulfate in the presence of bromide,
Miao Li, Yijun Shi, Sainan Sun, Yunkun Qian, Dong An,
Science of The Total Environment,
Volume 834, 2022, 155373, ISSN 0048-9697,

  68.  The effects of inorganic anions on degradation kinetics and isotope fractionation during the transformation of tris(2-chloroethyl) phosphate (TCEP) by UV/persulfate,
Jia Liu, Liuqing Wei, Dan Zhang, Liang Tang, Yaqing Liu, Liandong Jing, Junfei Liu, Shengtao Yang,
Science of The Total Environment,
Volume 846, 2022,157462, ISSN 0048-9697,

  69.  Kinetic study on methylene blue removal from aqueous solution using UV/chlorine process and its combination with other advanced oxidation processes,
Nguyen Tien Hoang, Tran Duc Manh, Vo Thang Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Thy Nga, Fredrick M. Mwazighe, Bui D. Nhi, Hien Y. Hoang, S. Woong Chang, W. Jin Chung, D. Duc Nguyen,
Volume 308, Part 3, 2022, 136457,ISSN 0045-6535,

  70.  Degradation of dyes by UV/Persulfate and comparison with other UV-based advanced oxidation processes: Kinetics and role of radicals,
Nguyen Tien Hoang, Vo Thang Nguyen, Nguyen Dinh Minh Tuan, Tran Duc Manh, Phuoc-Cuong Le, Dinh Van Tac, Fredrick M. Mwazighe,
Volume 298, 2022, 134197, ISSN 0045-6535,

  71.  Highly efficient removal of total nitrogen and dissolved organic compound in waste reverse osmosis concentrate mediated by chlorine radical on 3D Co3O4 nanowires anode,
Yan Zhang, Wenjing Tang, Jing Bai, Jinhua Li, Jiachen Wang, Tingsheng Zhou, Xiaohong Guan, Baoxue Zhou,
Journal of Hazardous Materials,
Volume 424, Part D, 2022, 127662, ISSN 0304-3894,

  72.  Degradation evaluation of acrylamide in advanced oxidation processes based on theoretical method: Mechanisms, kinetics, toxicity evaluation and the role of soil particles,
Xueyu Wang, Bo Tang, Lei Bao, Heng Zhang, Maoxia He, Shiling Yuan,
Journal of Hazardous Materials,
Volume 424, Part C, 2022, 127592, ISSN 0304-3894,

  73.  Superfast degradation of micropollutants in water by reactive species generated from the reaction between chlorine dioxide and sulfite,
Juan Li, Gabriela Scheibel Cassol, Jing Zhao, Yugo Sato, Binghua Jing, Yuliang Zhang, Chii Shang, Xin Yang, Zhimin Ao, Guanghao Chen, Ran Yin,
Water Research,
Volume 222, 2022, 118886, ISSN 0043-1354,

  74.  Ozone oxidation of 2,4,6-TCP in the presence of halide ions: Kinetics, degradation pathways and toxicity evaluation,
Ranyun Xu, Hang Ren, Tongtong Chi, Yuhan Zheng, Yawei Xie, Jinping Tian, Lyujun Chen,
Volume 288, Part 2, 2022, 132343, ISSN 0045-6535,

  75.  Removal of micro organic pollutants in high salinity wastewater by comproportionation system of Fe(VI)/Fe(III): Enhancement of chloride and bicarbonate,
Yuanxiang Mao, Jialiang Liang, Lei Jiang, Qiushi Shen, Qian Zhang, Caocong Liu, Hao Zheng, Yong Liao, Xuekang Cao, Huiyu Dong, Fangying Ji,
Water Research,
Volume 214, 2022, 118182, ISSN 0043-1354,

  76.  Kinetic and mechanism insights into the degradation of venlafaxine by UV/chlorine process: A modelling study,
Tianxin Zhu, Jing Deng, Shijun Zhu, Anhong Cai, Cheng Ye, Xiao Ling, Hongguang Guo, Qiongfang Wang, Xueyan Li,
Chemical Engineering Journal,
Volume 431, Part 4, 2022, 133473, ISSN 1385-8947,

  77.  Non-radical pathway dominated by singlet oxygen under high salinity condition towards efficient degradation of organic pollutants and inhibition of AOX formation,
Ying Huang, Minglang Jiang, Simeng Gao, Wei Wang, Zhanjian Liu, Ruixia Yuan,
Separation and Purification Technology,
Volume 291, 2022, 120921, ISSN 1383-5866,

  78.  Oxidative dissolution of Sb2O3 mediated by surface Mn redox cycling in oxic aquatic systems,
Tongliang Wu, Peixin Cui, Meiying Huang, Cun Liu, Fei Dang, Zimeng Wang, Marcelo Eduardo Alves, Dongmei Zhou, Yujun Wang,
Water Research,
Volume 217, 2022, 118403, ISSN 0043-1354,

  79.  Effects of bromide ion on the formation and toxicity alteration of halonitromethanes from nitrate containing humic acid water during UV/chlor(am)ine disinfection,
Tingting Huang, Lin Deng, Tao Wang, Xueying Liao, Jun Hu, Chaoqun Tan, Rajendra Prasad Singh,
Water Research,
Volume 225, 2022, 119175, ISSN 0043-1354,

  80.  Photodegradation of benzophenones sensitized by nitrite,
Teng Zhang, Jiayue Dong, Yuefei Ji, Deyang Kong, Junhe Lu,
Science of The Total Environment,
Volume 802, 2022, 149850, ISSN 0048-9697,

  81.  New insights into bromate removal by UV/sulfite process: Influencing factors, mechanism, and energy efficiency,
Yanghai Yu, Liying Feng, Junlian Qiao, Xiaohong Guan,
Journal of Water Process Engineering,
Volume 48, 2022, 102917, ISSN 2214-7144,

  82.  Challenges and pitfalls in the investigation of the catalytic ozonation mechanism: A critical review,
Yujue Wang, Gang Yu,
Journal of Hazardous Materials,
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Contribution from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California,
Los Angeles, California 90095
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(Kintecus is unfortunately referenced in the Supporting Information document)

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Reagent: Implications of the Role of Quinones in the Redox Cycling of Iron
C H R I S T O P H E R K . D U E S T E R B E R G A N D, T . D A V I D W A I T E *
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(Kintecus is unfortunately referenced in the Supporting Information document
along with some detailed NSC and statistical analysis )

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Contact: J. Matheis, D. Sapounas, A. Lunk
Institut fur Plasmaforschung
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Stroth
Universitat Stuttgart, Germany

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Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing, March 2005
David D. Hsu and David B. Graves
Department of Chemical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley
(they incorrectly reference the name of Kineticus instead of Kintecus in this paper)

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University of Sherbrooke, Canada

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Department of Chemistry,Portland State University,Portland, OR 97207-0751,USA - 2003

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Bernd Hannebauer* and Frank Menzel - Degussa AG         

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Dimer_Sulfuric_Acid (800 KB), 2000

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(see page 5012)
Maria Costa, Center for Molecular Biology of RNA, Sinsheimer Laboratories
Francois Michel, Centre de Genetique Moleculaire du CNRS, 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette, France
Eric Westhof, Institut de Biologie Moleculaire et Cellulaire du CNRS, 15 rue Rene Descartes, France, 2000


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